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What would a more joy-filled, meaningful and intentional life look like for you?

Are you ready to make it happen in 2018?

I've designed this powerful New Year coaching package for you,

over $200 value available FREE -- Extended until January 30, 2018!

Reaching your goals starts with getting clear on

where you are now and where you want to be. 

With Set Your Course you will do this and more!

  • Bypass  regrets or self-judgement about the past year

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the wins of 2017, setting a strong foundation for forward momentum

  • Set better goals - ones that really mean something to you

  • Gain clarity on how these goals can be achieved, mapping steps to reach them and overcome obstacles along the way

You Get FREE Access To:

  • 4 Audio recordings including 2 guided meditations
  • Set Your Course workbook tips & exercises
  • One hour of individual coaching with Jill

VISUALIZE A NEW JOURNEY Guided meditation/visualizations to orient your creative compass: a kind and holistic review of your 2017, a goal setting exercise and a preview for 2018. Listen when it's convenient for you and get those creative juices flowing!

SET YOUR GOALS 1 hour personalized coaching session to expand on your goals, get clarity on your motivations to achieve them, and break through barriers in your way

REFLECT ON LEARNINGS Short exercises and tips to gel your takeaways and use as a reference guide throughout 2018

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