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Embracing Change Together


Change can be hard, scary, inevitable, necessary, exciting...

Yes, each of these can be true, sometimes even all at the same time! I notice this most during times of turmoil or personal dissatisfaction. The growing feeling that the status quo isn’t working for me anymore, that it doesn’t align with what I value or need. The realization that it must change and I must be the one to do it.

If the start of a new year finds you considering potential life changes, you are not alone.

I invite you to identify the excitement in change, not instead of but despite the fear and challenge.

How do you approach change? How can change allow more joy in your life? How can change bring you closer to what is meaningful to you?

I've successfully made several big life transitions, both personal and professional. I do these “scary” things by acknowledging and accepting my fears and still moving forward toward what is important to me. I let my vision and love outshine the fear.

My latest big life change brought my family to a new home in coastal Maine. This change also brought a career shift to become certified as a life coach; it enabled me to launch my independent practice, Uncharted You, supporting others in their big life choices and transitions.

Learn more about Uncharted You here!

Do you know someone who might benefit from coaching? Uncharted You clients are primarily unpartnered women in their 30's and 40's who are ready to make some changes (even if it's scary). Many are on a journey to become single mothers by choice, or interested in big life changes such as home ownership, career shift, a geographic move or a stronger voice. They attest to the real value my coaching adds: clarity, partnership, transformation.

In addition to my coaching and mentoring packages, I offer a complimentary breakthrough consultation to individuals interested in exploring how my coaching services would benefit them. Also, my free New Year’s course is available for a few more days. It is great for anyone who wants to get off to a great start in 2018! Will you please take a minute to help spread the word?

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  • Share with your busy friends and family in their 30s and 40s. You can bet they have friends who are struggling with balance and life fulfillment!

  • Ask me to reach out to someone who might be interested in coaching!

Thank you so much for your support!

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