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Solo Mamas Success Alliance


10-week summer Mastermind group for single mothers by choice

A unique collaboration of Uncharted You and Motherhood Reimagined

Reclaim Your Power

Are you suffering from overwhelm as a single mom

struggling to balancing work, kids, social life and self-care?


Do you feel like you’ve lost sight of your own needs and desires

since entering the whirlwind of solo motherhood?


Are you stressed about money, childcare, and

being “responsible for it all” as an only parent?


Are you hesitant to complain to friends about the burdens you face,

because you intentionally chose to be a single mother?


Do you yearn for more connection, support and balance?


You don't need to have all the answers or be able to figure it out all alone just because you chose to have a child alone.  Let's be honest, raising a child, balancing a career, making all the choices, is hard work.  

It's easy to lose touch with yourself and your priorities as you rush through your ​daily routine. 

But you are a priority too, and there are proven ways to reclaim control over your life.


That's why we created

Solo Mamas ​Success Alliance!

to help you

  • TUNE OUT THE NOISE about what you “should” be doing

  • ​RECONNECT to your inner voice and what’s most essential to you


  • Create more ​SPACE, ​CLARITY and ​JOY by aligning with your core values

  • ​SURROUND YOURSELF with women who get what you're going through, honor your dreams and believe in you



  • Improve the QUALITY OF TIME you spend with your kids

  • Take baby steps that add up to MAJOR CHANGES in your life

  • REACH ​your goals and RECLAIM your power faster and with greater ease than going it alone  

Get everything you need to confidently create a life you love and ​feel suppo​rted as you take back control of your life.

Take Action Rooted in Your Core Values

​Stabilize in your deepest knowing and intuition so you can make a plan and move forward with confidence. Shift your mind and body to create lasting change.

Face Your Fears and Doubts

Process your concerns and doubts rather than avoiding them. Get new insights and perspectives that can help you resolve problems and move forward.

Develop A Powerful Support Network

​Journey together with a group of women facing the same issues. Share resources as well as updates along the way. Connections built in Mastermind groups often last for many many years.

​Shortcut The Decision Process

​Move through your doubts and concerns with pointed reflection, discussion with others and support. Share resources. Plus, tons of the research is done for you saving you time and energy.

Rewrite Your Narrative About Your Life

Recognize the messages ​about motherhood you were given and rewrite your own narrative to match your current circumstances

Embody The Learning 

Through a variety of somatic mind/body exercises, you will learn to not only listen to the intuition housed in your body, but will also shift your perspectives through your mind and body, to make lasting changes.

This 10-week Mastermind is ​

results oriented​

This format is designed to respond in real time to the needs and desires of the participants. It is not a course or a one-size-fits-all approach. This is all about Success Alliance members, your needs, your goals and making it happen together!  


Live calls will be Fridays at 1pm Eastern Time (that’s 10am Pacific Time and 6pm in London). All calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.


Live call dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10. There will be no call on July 6.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

– Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker

A Mastermind is a mentoring group of individuals that creates a synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement to propel them towards personal and professional goals that otherwise elude them.


The magic is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.


The Success Alliance says, “The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues.”

What You Get

Personal goal to help you thrive

​Each participant will identify a goal related to the overall Mastermind theme of Reclaiming Your Power. You will choose your own goal - whether you're looking to improve your health, get control of your finances, improve relationships, or just learn to love yourself a little more. Each week you will set small goals and work on them with the accountability and support of this group.

​Support Group Calls

In live calls, we will tap into the “Master Mind” of the group to bring new ideas and perspectives, shine light on hidden beliefs that hold you back, and catalyze new solutions.

We will cover the real issues you face in your life as a solo parent, an career woman and a human being with your own needs:  finances, self-care, time management, relationships, life hacks, and more.

​​Practice and accountability 

Each week, you will take specific and consistent action steps to move you closer to your goal.

You’ll receive coaching worksheets and journal prompts to keep you moving forward.

​Online Community

​Connect with everyone in the group anytime day or night. Continue the conversation, share resources, updates and support. Create lasting friendships. 

​Somatic Exercises

​​By quieting the noise of the body, the mind can become clear and you are more capable of listening to your own wisdom and intuition. We will introduce techniques to help quiet your mind and lessen your anxiety. 

Sarah Kowalski, JD

Hi, I’m a former attorney turned life coach, and author of Motherhood Reimagined: When Becoming A Mother Doesn’t Go As Planned.


My own arduous path to motherhood, inspired me to combine my expertise as a life coach, lawyer and patient's right's advocate with my passion for teaching mind body practices such as Feldenkrais and Qigong. Through this unique blend of training and experience, I help women quiet the voice of doubt and redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood.


I work with women who are not afraid to take a deep dive emotionally, spiritually and somatically to cultivate clarity, insight and courage even when life isn't unfolding as planned.


My work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Scary Mommy, PopSugar, First For Women, (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere), One Bad Mother Podcast, Red Tricycle, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen.

Jill Costello, MPH

Hello! After 25 years of world travels and supporting mission-driven organizations and their leaders to thrive, I chose to pursue a more personal mission: to champion an intentional, joy-filled and meaningful life for myself and others. I founded my coaching practice, Uncharted You, to apply my gifts of insight and empathy while helping women to make and live their own bold life choices.


Through coaching, inspiration, guidance and practical tips, I empower single mothers by choice to overcome their fears, boost their confidence and stay rooted in the love that drives them.


My clients describe my style as an authentic mix of compassion, wisdom and pragmatism, adding that our coaching partnership “made a profound difference in my life” and “moved me from a place of self-doubt and fear to self-knowledge and empowerment”.

Meet Your Coaches

We are Sarah Kowalski and Jill Costello, two independent professional life coaches leading the way

in creating new forms for support to women who start their families on their own.  We are so excited

to be joining forces for the first time to bring you this unique program!


As single mothers by choice ourselves, we each conceived with the help of sperm and egg donors.

Simply put, we are on the solo motherhood journey ourselves, have reclaimed our power to design

more fulfilling lives for ourselves and our children, and have dedicated our coaching practices to

helping single moms like you make their lives enjoyable, balanced and fulfilling.


We are confident our Mastermind will deliver huge value to every member of the Success Alliance!

What Others Say

Sarah stands as a woman of grace and true warriorship.  She has walked the path and offers wise, kind service to other women just venturing or needing a hand on their way. Her intelligence matches her compassion, a mixture of grace and clarity that can midwife women to their true calling!

Being a Single Mother by Choice is unique. Very few people - therapists, counselors, friends, family - know what it's like.


It has been great to talk with a life coach who actually is an SMC because she totally gets it. And is able to help and support in all aspects of life because single motherhood affects everything! Jill has been great!!

It's really wonderful to have a knowledgeable, kind, supportive person like Sarah, with personal experience going through this process, as a coach and guide.

Talking with Jill helps me push all the noise of a fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world aside. Very quickly and easily, we focus in on my true life values and passions.


She has helped me remain focused on these healthy and positive energy sources in my daily actions and thinking.


She continues to help me build a world that is organized yet playful, thoughtful yet light, loving and most of all, focused on what really matters to me. Thank you, Jill.

Sarah is a fantastic resource! I've been considering having a child on my own, as a single mom, for some time now, and Sarah is offering a much-needed service to help guide women through this process. There are so many choices involved in this journey, from the medical options, to how to set your life up to care for a child, to the emotional issues.  Sarah is a treasure trove of information.

Jill has brought a tremendous amount of clarity to my journey as a single mother, and especially to my stressful adoption adventure.

 Her gift of being fully present to me as we discuss issues related to being a single mother, and adoption, has been such a blessing. Her grace and compassion, combined with a vast amount of real world experience, make her the ideal life coach. She has a tremendous ability to help me look at my life holistically, and without judgement, and then to help me hone in on the issues that I have to focus on to bring about authentic change. 

Solo Mamas Success Alliance


10-week summer Mastermind group for single mothers by choice

What's Included?

Mastermind calls

10 live group calls, professionally facilitated by two leading coaches of single mothers by choice. All calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.

Two solo mama life coaches

Ongoing access to coaches between calls and discounts on individual coaching if you want even more personalized support

Guided reflections

Weekly coaching exercises, journal prompts and inspirations relevant to your goals

Your Success Alliance!

Confidential, non-judgmental support, motivation and accountability from a group of like-minded women with shared goals

Secure online platform for everything

We’re hosting this course on a fabulous secure (non-Facebook) platform designed to build community and accountability

A load off your mind

Accountability reminders specific to your goal and your preferences

Somatic exercises

Short guided meditations and other mind-body approaches designed to help busy solo moms solidify changes

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