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I am the single mother of a little girl and am in the process of adopting. Jill has brought a tremendous amount of clarity to my journey as a single mother, and especially to my stressful adoption adventure.


Her gift of being fully present to me as we discuss issues related to being a single mother, and adoption, has been such a blessing. Her grace and compassion, combined with a vast amount of real world experience, make her the ideal life coach. She has a tremendous ability to help me look at my life holistically, and then to help me hone in on the issues that I have to focus on to bring about authentic change. 


One of Jill's greatest strengths is her capacity to offer very grounded advice without ever being judgmental. The burdens of my specific journey are always eased by speaking with Jill. I  couldn't recommend Jill more highly to any single mother who is in need of support in moving through any life issues. I am so grateful for her presence in my life.

-Jean, South Carolina

Being a Single Mother by Choice is unique. Very few people - therapists, counselors, friends, family - know what it's like.


It has been great to talk with a life coach who actually is an SMC because she totally gets it. And is able to help and support in all aspects of life because single motherhood affects everything! Jill has been great!!

- Deb, Maine

Jill has a gift for listening deeply, connecting the pieces even when I feel scattered, and moving me forward toward my dream to relocate and slow down my life, to align with what’s really important to me.


With her grounded and compassionate support, Jill’s coaching - both our sessions and the tools she provides – has moved me from a place of self-doubt and fear to self-knowledge and empowerment.


I feel validated on what I might otherwise have viewed as a whim or fantasy. And I am now taking positive steps toward prioritizing what's important vs. simply dreaming or wimping out.

- Dawn, Virginia

Talking with Jill helps me push all the noise of a fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world aside. Very quickly and easily, we focus in on my true life values and passions.


She has helped me remain focused on these healthy and positive energy sources in my daily actions and thinking.


She continues to help me build a world that is organized yet playful, thoughtful yet light, loving and most of all, focused on what really matters to me. Thank you, Jill.

-Tracy, Ottawa

Jill has made a profound difference to my life. Within two months of working with her, she had coached me into overcoming some internal barriers to help me to progress with my decision to start a family as a single mother by choice.


Jill has also greatly helped me to make decisions in other areas of my life. Talking to her unblocks my thinking and allows me to move forward.


On top of that, she has a lovely and approachable manner that puts you at ease immediately. Jill is a solid thought-partner for my life and I'm very grateful to have her as a coach.

- Patricia, London

Jill is a compassionate, warm and insightful life coach. For the last year, she has guided me in finding my own creative solutions in dealing with day-to-day issues as a busy working mom while parenting three children.

Together we identify and create goals to keep my life balanced and moving forward in the direction that I want. I always feel safe, supported and energized after a session with Jill.

- Caroline, Montreal

 Jill coached me to focus on 'being' vs. 'doing'. This was a new concept for a person who viewed success only in terms of tangible results. She provided coaching and tools that helped me better understand myself and my relationships.


As a result of working with Jill, I learned to become mindful of what I really wanted, which helped me make choices that changed and improved my life.

- Dianne, California

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,

neither having to weigh thoughts nor measure words,

but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together,

certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping,

and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.

George Eliot

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