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Meet Jill

Hello! I’m so glad that you're here. I love working with fabulous women just like you who choose to start families and raise children on their own. I empower them to overcome their fears and stay rooted in the love that drives them forward.


This is what worked for me and it will help you too!

I also embarked on a non-traditional path to parenting. I’m incredibly proud to be a single mother by choice, even on the hard days. My family is a work in progress, learning and growing every day.

Major life choices, especially unconventional ones, are tremendous opportunities for

personal transformation – the path to joy and meaning.

Yet they often come disguised as threats to us or to those close to us.

It’s no wonder we can get stuck in indecision or fear.

This is uncharted territory – you don’t know exactly how it will turn out.

But something in your heart tells you it’s important.

My own uncharted life has bestowed on me the gifts of creativity, flexibility, persistence and perspective.


All my life and throughout my career people have sought me out in challenging times - as a listener and questioner, strategic thinker, trusted sounding board, insightful partner and advocate, proactive decision maker.


I don't call myself courageous, but others often do. They say it's because I listen to my heart and make bold life choices even when it's not easy. I have uprooted my life more than once to realign with my priorities and values.

So, after 25 years of world travels and helping mission-driven organizations and their leaders to thrive, I decided to pursue a more personal mission:

to champion an intentional, joy-filled and meaningful life for myself and others.


I founded Uncharted You to apply my gifts of insight, empathy and

creative problem-solving to help women make and live their bold life choices.

My Path to Becoming a Single Mom by Choice

Approaching 40 and single, I had a good life and felt blessed in many ways. But something was definitely missing. I had always wanted to be a mom. I was ready. But without a partner?

Suddenly, not trying to have a child on my own felt more terrifying than parenting solo. So I knew I had to try. I didn’t know anyone else who had ever done it. But I felt compelled to make my dream a reality.

​My friends and family were supportive, but it was difficult for them to relate to my dream and the unique challenges I faced. Eventually, I connected with other women like me who validated my experience. 


It was a long journey, through struggles and heartbreak, before I finally welcomed my son into the world. When he was born, I wondered through joy, overwhelm and exhaustion: Would it ever be possible to balance family and work and my own needs?


I don't claim to have found permanent balance, because life doesn't work that way. But I have made huge progress toward an intentional, joy-filled and meaningful life. The keys for me? Staying true and compassionate to myself, remaining flexible, connecting with others, and having an awesome coach!


Today my son is thriving, full of love and light. I catch my breath sometimes that I am a mom, his mom. And I think, I made this dream come true.

Now I want to help you to do the same. You don't have to go it alone.

What is your dream?

Let's work together to make it a reality.

I believe in you.

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